Poetic State Of Mind

10yrs Today…

If I could rewrite the hands of time,
I’d rewrite the events of the day that
caused pain and havoc to many minds,
That day that came unexpected,
Regretted, hearts broken and dejected,

For our hearts bled with tears uncontrollably,
Though we may not have been related, we are one people, so we felt and will continue to feel the pain that you have eternally,

White doves fly over the skyline of NY,
As I see loved ones of lost souls call out names..I break down and cry,
For I am human as they are,
In these voices are hearts filled with deep scars,

I applaud the bravery of the life savers,
Etched across the core of my soul are the risk takers,
I pray for their families today,
May their sorrow and pain be washed away with joyful praise,

May we rise out of the ashes, unified in one body and stronger than ever,
On this day 9/11, as God be our defender, may we never forget and never surrender…


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