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Words Of Inspiration (#39)

Bitterness is an act I seriously do not condone! Something about it just grinds my gears and to be honest, if I had to choose between that and death, I’d go for the latter with no hesitation.

Time and time again, we fail to accept the fact that the fingers on our hands are not the same. We were all born into different homes. Brought up in different environments and to some extent, different lifestyles and financial positions. So why be bitter over the fact that someone was born with a silver spoon in his or her mouth?

We waste too much energy on being negative to peoples lives, when truthfully we can spend all that energy in striving to make our own. That’s the proper use of the energy God has given us. We are blessed to have been given special gifts or talents which can be used to productive use. Yet what do we see? People putting those talents aside and being bitter over the successes and wealth of others.

Time waits for no man and if you really have an aim, you will strive for it. The notable successful men and women today above 50% came from either average or poor homes but used their energy to create a better life for themselves and family. You can do it too.

Believe in yourself and ability. Its good to admire some peoples successes, but strive to top what they have done. Its the only measure of satisfaction, self-confidence and joy you can get out being in this world. Get some love in your life as well! Else, for all that’s worth, you can never be truly appreciated for the man or woman that you’ll be someday!

Finally, be patient and content with whatever you have. Know that God provides riches, and there is an eternal one in heaven. Far greater than that of earth. Its what you should desire and long for above all!


One thought on “Words Of Inspiration (#39)

  1. Sharon Amorin says:

    This piece is good and I agree with u totally. All the fingers are not equal at all. God also knows why He does not give everyone an equal footing. If He had we all can’t live in this world. Keep the good work up.

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