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Words Of Inspiration (#41)

You know that feeling when you got to a store and on your way you’ve been craving to get some neat pair of shoes you saw probably the week before? Then when you finally get to the store, you are caught up in two minds, as to whether to continue your pursuit and purchase of that pair, or buy another pair that you also fancy as well.

This act here is known as INDECISIVENESS. Its pretty common to all human beings. Average and classy humans, likewise. In life, we tend to act this way in our everyday activities. Whether its a job opening, expressing our views, choosing the right people to hang out with etc.. Its a pretty delicate situation to face and 9/10 can sometimes prove to be the catalyst for our mistakes and downfalls.

There is however a way to go about your dealings without having to face the dreadful disease. It involves, knowing what you want, desiring to have it, and being positive that you’ll come good after getting it. In truth, this is more like taking a risk, but one you’re confident about. One that has less probability of failing you but more chances of giving you satisfaction.

It deals with accuracy and as I mentioned before, knowing and desiring what you want. If you don’t trust your instincts 100%, you’ll never make an accurate decision. Pure and fully positive instincts will make that decision you make easy, clinical and straightforward, with no qualms nor worries.

One may ask though, what if it goes bad? As we already know in life, you prepare for the worst and hope for the best. There is no back-up plan, because if your original plan goes bad, your back-up plan may not have the magnitude of strength to solve the errors or mistakes in your original plan. Thus, its much safer on the side to just expect a slight possibility of your decision to hit a rock, but be extremely positive that it will go through.

Your mission today is simple. Whatever decisions you find yourself making. Be confident of them. Analyse properly before you choose them and be 101% positive of success, with @ least 5% of doubt in the back of your mind. You can do no wrong!


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