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Words Of Inspiration (#42)

Its sad when people put themselves in situations they are fully aware they can’t win. The element of luck does not play in revenge because in actual sense, revenge is a calculated move you play. Play it well, earn a victory. Play it wrong, end up on the hall of shame.

The question however is, is revenge required @ all after being abused by someone. Be it physically or verbally? Bear in mind, if you started the war, and got on the losing end, then you have yourself to blame. We seem to forget easily that in the Bible, it says that when your neighbour slaps you in one cheek, turn the other cheek to him.

Its hard to go by that biblical quotation because of the intensity or magnitude to which our anger may propel in response to being abused or attacked. However, in such cases we ought to learn how to control our levels of anger. Reason being if we allow our anger to get the best out of us, we might end up doing much more harm to ourselves than even before.

Again, we must remember that not all forms of attack nor abuse needs to be focused on. Rather than wasting our energy concentrating on the negative acts of others, we must concentrate on doing much more positive acts of our own. The world is not a fair one, and you’ll have masses who wouldn’t like you.

Also, you’ll have people who are likely to turn cold on you @ some point. Unless you’re doing something wrong, whatever they do to you should not move you. Neither should it provoke you to want to come out @ them. Counter their attacks with positivity. Allow karma to deal with them. Or better still, allow God in His own time to deal with them.

Like I said, they’re not worth your energy. You have bigger, brighter and better things to look forward to. For we humans are mere mortals, and we do not possess any extraordinary power to dismantle each other. Plus revenges only pull you back out of your progress in life. If you believe you can overcome any obstacle in life with God on your side, then that’s half of your battle completed.

Vengeance is the Lords. It should never be your portion.


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