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Words Of Inspiration (#43)

The secrets to healthy living. Are there any secrets though? The answer is NO! What we may regard as secrets are actually the basic, vital acts that we fail to take note or ignore completely. The thing about these acts is that they are not difficult to perform or to go by. However, lack of consistency and laziness tend to make it cumbersome.

There are 3 ways to healthy living. These are, eating right, exercising right and having a daily devotion. These acts need extra attention to each of them and must be practised religiously in order to sustain a healthy living.

Having a right diet is very essential to healthy living. A right diet requires you having a meal with all the right nutrients in its balanced proportions. A 3-course meal is also a vital part of having a right diet. Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper. Remember that its advisable to take in water @ least 30mins after meals and take in fruits afterwards.

The next step is exercising right. Most people, especially females find this exhausting and to some extent “a waste of time”. However, it is with great importance and relevance that you take 30mins or an hour of your day to work out your body. The essence of exercising is not only to build your body up, but also to keep yourself fit, maintain your shape and to release all forms and sorts of stress and tension that may be within you.

The last and for me personally the most important of the 3 is having a daily devotion. This sits on top of the triad. Regardless of your belief, there is an ultimate God. A God of truth and substance and it is only through Him that heavenly joy can be found within our hearts and souls. A regular conversation and reading of His Word is ultimately essential to healthy living.

Not only does the Word cleanse your heart, soul and mind but it also feels within you a breath of fresh air. Keeps you mentally focused and the values and principles you gain through it builds and solidifies your spiritual binding with God.

These acts as I said are not difficult to perform but unless the mind is willing, there is no guarantee that you can go through with it easily either. You must accept that you want to have a healthier living and must be prepared to go through the requisites to achieve it.

You have the power to control your how you want to live. Although, you have to choose between living healthy and living unhealthy. The choice is yours.


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