Suave 24/7 - 365

Words Of Inspiration (#46)

The art of sacrifice. How many of us reading this right now, can confidently say we’ve @ some point, given up our selfish desires, or taken a detour on our normal routine steps of road in order to gain something profitable or help someone to gain profitably. A few of us may publicly tell the truth, but within, may be feeling the guilt.

Sacrificing is probably one of the most hardest acts to do. Simply because, situations may sometimes deny us the opportunity or will power to do so. Other times and most commonly, we are ego-driven and as such, we tend to think of sacrificing as a pest to our lives. Truth be told, sacrificing is way more different to taking chances or gambling.

What we need to understand here is that, sacrificing is not a situation of life and death. Its about making the right choices. Choices that will give birth to a clearer meaning or brighter opening. A well known example is the death of Christ. He sacrificed his life to wash our sins away. He made that decision to give our lives a new soul, spirit and happiness.

We ought to look @ making the right sacrifices though. Not all sacrifices are fruitful, and they are not hard to tell either. Ignorance will not help you make the right choices, neither will over self-confidence. In times where confusion may set in, we must seek God for an answer.

Also, note that sacrifices are intended to bring better results, it may not come instantly, but there will be signs to show that its proving dividends. Patience, and understanding is required in these times and your faith in God (or whatever you believe in) is most definitely likely to be tested. It might prove futile, but if you keep the chins up, you’ll do just fine.

Seek to bring joy onto the faces of others, while seeking a better path for success for you.


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