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Words Of Inspiration (#47)

Is there any such thing as being over obsessed? I was watching a movie last night and as much as some people may want to relate to movies mostly as fictional, and in some cases, the plots can be non fictional.

Obsession can be a good thing, however too much of it can be bad, depending on its impact psychologically. We all have that the one thing or that one person we’re obsessed with. The question is, do we allow our souls to sink into the fact we ultimately need these to survive?

Going back to the movie I watched, there was one girl who was obsessed with her room mate, simply for the fact she hardly had friends and felt she had finally got a friend in her room mate. Sometimes we feel like, we need to eliminate all priorities and our life cycle in a whole to gain satisfaction out of that one thing or person.

We are so much engulfed into it that we tend to go towards the road of paranoia when we fail or lack to get it. As human beings, whether we like it or not, God should be our only obsession. Riches, clothes, cars can bring us earthly satisfaction alright, but can not give that of heaven.

Its high time, we as humans began to put our priorities straight. Learn to not place so much emphasis on earthly materials that can not give us eternal life. People getting obsessed with other people is a much sterner task to control. It takes a lot of psychological effort to curb that and quite frankly, the energy wasted on there can be used into a much positive venture.

Again, as I conclude, Obsession like any other act has its pros and cons. However, like any other act, one supersedes the other and in this case, the cons do. Avoid that road of paranoia!


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