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Words Of Inspiration (#48)

Be thankful for the lives that come through your life day in and day out. Be it for positive notions or negative notions. Life as we know is a learning process. Each day we learn the values of doing what is good and what is wrong. The lessons make us better people.

We must however not ignore the people who still come across our way. This is because, not all of them come with the intent of pulling us down. Some are heavenly sent, but of course, you wouldn’t notice it unless they show it through their actions.

The problem with us human beings is that we always seem to jump to conclusions or assume that this person or that person is looking forward to “steal your shine” or rain down on your happiness. This is when you barely know what the person is all about or prior to the person stating his mission.

Its all negative perception and one we must drive out of mentality. Positivity is always preached about but never truly shown. The slightest bit of negativity shown can have the biggest impact on us psychologically. No, its not bad luck, neither is it karma. Its just how you want to perceive it to be.

Unless you change your mental approach to things and behaviours beyond your judgment. What you perceive is what you’ll get. Its the SIMPLE TRUTH!


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