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Words Of Inspiration (#51)

In the hierarchy of love. God comes 1st. His love is the benchmark for the rest of love that is shown towards humans, animals and things alike (in that order).

In the context of humans, no love is greater than that of your family. This is because they know you better than anyone else. They understand how you reason and know what switches your feeling from joy to anger.

In this present age, however, some of us still feel like our families have no idea of how we exactly feel about certain situations and instances. Most notably our parents. We must however, today understand that our parents are our earthly guardians. Placed on earth to guide us towards a fruitful righteous life.

They are our teachers, and our mentors. They came before us, so we must humbly embrace and accept their knowledge and wisdom they bestow on us. It never hurts to be around your parents. Even if they hurt you to the point that you are tempted to feel like an alien towards them, you must remember you are a product of their flesh and blood. You are the reap of what they sowed. Honour them in accordance.

Spend more time with them, when you are less busy. I always get that, but truth is, these moments won’t last forever. At some stage they will leave you, and you will have to raise a family of your own. You’d expect your children to be around you likewise. Its not karma but if you fail to treat your parents how you want to be treated, your children would treat you likewise.

To those of you who were raised by foster parents or other relatives, treat them like you would have treated your own biological parents. Treat them with LOVE! Understand them, doesn’t matter how hostile or ignorant they might be. God understands you best. Just play your part. Your reward awaits you in heaven.

Remember that they know the difference between what is wrong and right. So understand them for certain decisions they make. When they ask you not to do something, its not that they’re trying to sit on your happiness, its because they care. They’ve been there, and they want the best for you. Be mindful of the words you say to them, you wouldn’t want your children to think of you in that same sense.

Love your family like you love God but love God more than anything else to have existed in your life!


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