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Words Of Inspiration (#52)

It is not by chance that we’ve been placed on earth. We’ve been placed here for a reason. That reason to some have been found, while to others is far from surface. However while we are on here searching for that reason, we have been given PRIVILEGES! These are God very own granted privileges and given to grant us some measure of satisfaction while we embark on lifes’ journey.

These privileges may involve the right to eat, to breathe, to reproduce, to drink etc.. What we have in the world though, is a number of people abusing these privileges given. You have people who drink beyond reason. People who commit adultery in all forms and people who show forms of greed and carelessness. We are not restricted to what we eat or what drink, we are however, warned against abusing the privileges given to us.

We are to sow seeds to reap fruits that will be fit, and reasonable enough to lead nations, subsequently lead masses towards Gods Kingdom. Our lifestyles are in contrast to this mission and we are sometimes left to face the wrath and anger of God. We have been again given these privileges to do what is right and been taught the difference in doing what is right and what is wrong.

“In every nation, he accepts those who fear Him and do what’s right!” – Acts 10:34

The mantle is upon us today to use the privileges given to good use. To make something much more constructive rather than destructive. To reap fruits worth being called into Gods kingdom rather than hells pit. The choice however is all yours!


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