Suave 24/7 - 365

Words Of Inspiration (#53)

The mind vs the heart,
Emotions are what separates each other apart,
The will and desire to carry on,
Blown to proportions by the fear of defeat like a time bomb,
The clock ticks faster in life than the day may seem to go,
Every second counts and its priceless,worthier than gold,
To a mans pride losing becomes his kryptonite,
In a fight to restrain order, paranoia takes full flight,
But through the darkness a bright light appears,
Within a touching distance, the heart is willing but the mind fears,
The battle of 2 colossal systems,
Nothing really much between them,
Only wits vs reasoning,
In God we trust alone in all seasons,
So He be our witness death will not prevail,
Mind vs heart..only the toughest will endure on the glory trail…


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