Suave 24/7 - 365

Words Of Inspiration (#54)

Its a natural phenomenon for some people to criticise you when you do good. Its a norm with those people and changing their mindsets and perceptions are like never ending disputes that grow into centuries.

The same people in question are the ones who seem not to understand why the earth does not revolve around them. An intriguing feature about them is their focus on your past history. They feel that just because you had a single or couple of bad days when you made mistakes, that means you are not bound to come out successful.

Our biggest mistake in life is allowing these people to gain a psychological advantage or edge over us. When you’re still stuck in your past know that your chances of becoming great reduce rapidly. Its neither a myth nor a tale, its the simple truth. That’s their source of strength and yours is your wits to prove them wrong by working harder than ever and achieving laudable results.

Only God has the right to judge us for our actions. It is He alone that grants our favours and needs. Thus we are not to succumb to the words and deeds of mere mortals. Its time however that we rose out of our shells. Time we moved on from the past. Burn all weeds of errors and plant seeds of hope and hard work that will eventually reap great success.

Words of a man that can kill your spirit should never phase you. Develop a strong, solid and positive mental attitude and lean on God for His direction of your purpose. You are a pillar of success in the waiting!


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