Suave 24/7 - 365

Words Of Inspiration (#55)

Life is too short to wander back in time,
The things that could’ve been cannot be refined,
Who in his right mind will sleep with his eyes open?
Dreams are short of fulfilment but in the Lord we find refuge so we keep hoping,
The glories of yesterday shattered by the pain that followed,
Flashbacks penetrate sharp like daggers to my bone-marrow,
Mentally I’m fit enough to rule a nation,
Its in God plan that I don’t fail, however be filled with an amount of Jobs patience,
Some people never made it, not me, no,
If I wasn’t born to achieve a purpose, why the heck would I be on earth though,
My faith is strong,
I’m smart enough to know what’s right from wrong,
My belief that glory is very near,
Is the reason I have doubters wondering why I shed no tears,
They’re stuck in yesteryear,
While I’m progressing over here,
Let it be known that my destiny lies in my maker,
He’s laid a blueprint for which I am to follow,
In due time I’ll repay Him graciously for His rich favour!


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