Suave 24/7 - 365

Words Of Inspiration (#58)

Don’t you just love that feeling of waking up in the morning and knowing that you have enough power and freedom to live. Must feel liberating I’m sure but deep within the hearts of some of us, we are still trapped in a world and feeling of oppression and pain.

We have freedom yet we feel like prisoners in our own lives because we allow the least things to get to us. This is a pitiful situation to be honest and we are severely hindered in our daily quest to achieve a purpose. Then the question drops, what is our purpose? Is it worth living?

I’ll tell you this though, knowing your purpose gives you a credible reason to live. Its the easiest truth which is difficult to embrace because we haven’t found it yet, and we have no patience. Lack of patience leads to anxiety, subsequently fear. Notice how the words “anxiety” and “fear” are connected.

Knowing your rights gives you that extra edge and power to control your lives. Knowing what’s right from wrong gives that extra reason to make smart, wise and rational decisions. Unless you make irrational decisions on the daily basis, you have absolutely no excuse or reason to feel like a prisoner in your life.

Of course, on the other hand if you do make those hasty irrational decisions, then you need to develop a conscious effort of trying to see what is causing you to make those decisions and curb it with immediate effect. If its fear, anxiety, pain, let go! Talk to God. In His arms You will get protection, shelter and most importantly belief to conquer this world full of mad faith. There’s no place you would rather be, trust me!

We are throwing away our freedom we have to go on and be that unique person everyone talks about in history.
We are holding back and allowing the least harmful obstacles trip us over to the ground. It MUST stop! Its all in the head and the sooner we tackle and heal that psychological trauma, the better.

Time isn’t standing still people, we all have expiry dates. Make your move and leave a long lasting positive mark on the world. Why else would God put you on earth for?


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