Suave 24/7 - 365

Words Of Inspiration (#59)

One nation, one people,
Different colours of skin but we are equal,
You are my brother from another mother,
You are my sister too,
The ignorants may tend not to bother,
But I do cherish that I am here with you,
See its not by chance neither is it by rocket science that we’re here together,
Our maker made this happen so we can change the world for the better,
To live in unison and brainstorm our way through the cloudy elements of life,
To communicate, associate and live together as brothers, sisters, husbands and wives,
Why look down on my brother @ the edge of a cliff and let him suffer in pain?
I am his keeper, so in times of pain my spirit feels the same,
My sister is wonderful, a blessing in no disguise,
In her soul she bears a fruit that’s sown of truth and grace, a blessing from the sky,
You are no different from him, neither are you different from her,
Colour is only a reflection of rays, we are products of His image, and our duty to each other is to care,
Like branches that support each other on a tree,
So are we to support each other regardless of status, reputation and pedigree,
In the end, unity and equality is our purpose as a whole,
We are uniquely different but symbolically one of His very own..


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