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Words Of Inspiration (#60)

The past 24hours have given me a reason to believe that the world is still divided when it comes to governance and power. There were mixed reactions over Gaddafi’s murder and rightfully so. It shows the imperfection of the world we live in. Had there not been mixed reactions, two points could have been raised. One, that we all support murder and two that we all support dictation of our own affairs even after colonisation.

I’m not here though to discuss that affair. However if you asked me personally, I feel the wrong thing was done. May Gaddafi rest in perfect peace though. Dictatorship! How would you feel if someone controlled your every move and thoughts? Weird isn’t it? Well that’s the kind of world we’re living in sadly and this as a result that we feel like we owe some sort of allegiance to the people who are doing so.

There’s a difference between being helped and being dictated to. Help is being giving assistance to someone or something. Dictation is an act of commanding. We have people who are still being dictated to when they ought to be controlling their own state of affairs. What we don’t understand here is that, these people who dictate to us, don’t do it to HELP us, but rather to have a controlling edge over us.

In the current world of politics without mentioning any names, we see a lot of this happening. As a result, nations under this form of slavery are neither making significant impact on themselves nor the world. With regards to us individuals we are not helping ourselves either by allowing this to happen.

We must remember that we came individually on earth and our sole dictator should be the Lord. Our dreams are not that of theirs. In the end, when we do stumble across a ditch, these “dictators” would rather PUSH us deeper into the pits rather than LIFT us out of them. The harsh but reality truth it is.

Its time we stood together on our own to control our own affairs. If its assistance we need, let’s limit our lives to those people to that point. We have the resources to do so, so if there’s anything we ought to do, then its rather to learn and develop ideas that can make our lives better.

Take credits for your own works and don’t allow others to take it for their own selfish pride. A word to the wise, is enough!


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