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Words Of Inspiration (#61)

On Saturday, I joined a couple of friends as we headed over to an orphanage to spend time with the kids as part of a friends birthday. It was a beautiful moment and very special because the initiative taken was one very much acknowledging.

Normally when it comes to birthdays, the birthday celebrant like to have a party with close friends and sometimes relations. However, this was something new altogether. Its the sense of goodness, awareness and compassion that breeds the will for situations like this to occur. Some of us are living comfortably, chilling, merry making, yet forgetting that we have brothers and sisters elsewhere who need love and attention.

They are no different from you to be honest, only difference is that they don’t have the opportunities that you have had and continue to have currently. Good education, a comfortable home, well financed and loving parents and family, good food to eat, nice clothes to wear and to some extent clean water to drink. How many of us can honestly say that we for once sit down and think about these children?

The stats will probably cement my point that we don’t do enough to support these children. The initiative my friend took was just to show you that, rather than being selfish, you can be a better person by giving and sharing. It is very important to note that not only on occasions such as birthdays can this act of good faith be shown. If you have a kind heart, a warm heart, then you can also make a difference and bring smiles onto the faces of the children.

So the message is simple, harden not your heart. We were all created of one substance and body. Let the suffering of your brother or sister today be the pain you also bear within your soul. Reach out to them and give them the assurance and security that they are being cared for and thought about every single day.

Finally, be grateful for your current situation. Others might be in worse positions. Give thanks and praise.


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