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Words Of Inspiration (#63)

The little favours are the ones that have much significance. Have you ever asked for a favour or been asked a favour of miniature substance or value before? What was the reaction that occurred? Did you ask for a return in that favour? I’m asking these questions because we are living in a world where a favour has turned out to be something of a business transaction rather than a gesture of good will.

Favours have lost their true meaning in the recent years gone by. Gone are the days where favours could be given or asked for and there would be no expectancy of a return or whatsoever. Nowadays, when you ask for a favour, the other party feels you owe them something automatically. Our moral principles and values in that department have been totally washed away by a river of greed, ignorance and lustful power for money.

Where are those moral values that were once preached to us about giving. As far as I’m concerned, in the act of giving, we are not to expect anything back because, whatever we give should be an act coming from our sincerest most hearts. Times have indeed changed, and suddenly the purpose of favours have rather been translated from helping for a cause to helping for some kind of profit or returns.

The most concerned part of this issue is where appreciation is either minimal or none is given @ all. Sometimes we fail to consider that the favours we may ask from people from our perspective might seem nothing, but might be hard on the other party depending on his or her current situation as well as beliefs, values and ideologies. Favours are generally based on if but not “when” one is willing to do it. As I always say, “if it can be done, then it will be done.”

Note that not all favours can be granted. If you know this, then you will also know that having to hit back out, or have a sense of dislike for someone who was capable of granting your favour, but due to circumstances was not able to is simply NONSENSE! Its the reality we face today, the least patient you have, the more irrational you become and this situation is no different. Instead of always looking objectively to these favours, we must consider the subjective aspect as well.

Remember that, with the favours that can be granted, if they are not maximum, still be appreciative of the effort. Have it in the back of your mind that the person might have gone out of his or her way to do you this favour. Likewise, when you grant a favour, do not think about expecting a favour back. Fact of the matter is, he or she came towards you to ask for the favour, you didn’t ask them to. If you need one, you ask. Its not always that you will get a favour granted by someone you may have granted one to, because in life, people change and appearances may be deceptive.

Lord knows in the end that you have played your part. That’s all there is to it. He is not saying play your part and brand the other party later on as a devils advocate or messenger. Favours are gestures of good will, let’s keep it as it, nothing else!


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