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Words Of Inspiration (#65)

Sometimes its better to look beyond your successes and find out that little bit of room that needs improvement. Whether you believe it or not, no win is flawless, there’s always that aspect of your performance that will be covered by your success, but needs to be polished so it causes no harm in your future endeavours.

Compare my last paragraph to a football team. Being the coach, you want to win things, and you can. However, your wins are as a result of your performance, and with each game your focus on being stronger, better. You want to achieve the same amount of glory year after year, but you are aware that your rivals are bound to get better by the year. So what do you do? Focus on the little errors that can be exploited.

Such is the complexity of life and the battles we go through. One slip, one lapse of concentration and all that good work can be washed away and forgotten. Its a matter of avoiding COMPLACENCY! Everybody has fallen victim before, even the perfect A’s student, employee or manager. Its not a scary phenomenon, nor is it a problem that can’t be controlled. Its more of feeling that each task or assignment you face can be completed easily with no errors.

Over confidence, boastful pride, these are catalysts for complacency. Also, it is important to note that just like a car whose engine when not serviced after a period of time breaks down, we humans after a period of using the same old techniques in our life conquest, can also be brought down to earth by just a minor slip or twist of events.

It is important we stay focused today. Treat each battle as a new one, even if we tackled its equivalent before. There can be no room for mistakes. Each door must be tightly shut and locked. Most importantly, we must humble ourselves even in victory. Remember, your success is not as a result of your own efforts but that of Gods intervention as well.

Stay focused! Keep your eyes on the road!


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