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Words Of Inspiration (#68)

What’s the price to pay for corruption? Well, this question can be answered in two ways. 1 would be, unethical or immoral satisfaction and 2 would be a massive penalty. There is no doubt that what we seek and can’t easily get must mean that we have to strive and work our asses off extra hard to get it. So the question today is, why do people enjoy indulging in corruption?

Corruption can be associated with so many words; theft, robbery, illegal, unreal, unjust, unfair, etc.. Its the mother of all unethical behaviour and unless you are a saint, and not filled with greed, envy, anxiety, lack of patience and a low resistant belief in yourself, then know that you have been affected or you are likely to be infected with a dose of it.

Political parties and leaders are the 1st people that come to mind when it the word “corruption” comes up. Due to the envy, strong sentiments for power and authority, they indulge themselves in activities that are unethical of the electoral process. As such, they rob their way to the nations hottest seat. Their deeds are quite evident to prove that in the long run.

I can’t seem to help myself by not talking about the Miss Malaika 2011 event. With the lack of transparency and ethical approach to an event of its magnitude and stature, what had been so evident years ago, but seemed to be have seen by only a few, clearly manifested itself that night. Mr. Corruption was fully present in high esteem.

Stories that have come out this week have shown massive disapproval of events organising and now the question is who and who are behind what and what? There is no eternal pay off in corruption, eventually you will feel the full effects of it. For the worse though, hardly do people get away with it. To act truthfully is to go in accordance with the rules and regulations that govern a particular game, activity or event.

We have to realise that honesty and transparency in our actions are the only way we can bridge the gap between authenticity and reality. Karma is the ONE visitor who does not mind making unannounced visits every now and then and believe me, our every action here on earth has a merry-go-round spin attached to it. So in other words, if we sow irregularity, we are definitely bound to reap injustice.

The choice however is with you as a human being today. Do you want to give birth to a legacy full of honest, truthful commitments or live with a cloud of unfairness and sinful satisfaction. Remember that to everything in life, there is a PRICE TO PAY!


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