Poetic State Of Mind


I want to live with you,
Share your last name,
Take this to another level,
Elevate our game,

Higher than the cloud that I’m on,
Your presence reminds me of that
Frank Ocean song,
Though its wrong to be hiding under
the covers,
I promise to hold tight and leave my
feelings in the rubber,

I can’t explain what it is about you,
Mona lisa, conceived from thoughts onto a canvas,
Served like an ace from Sampras into reality, you are true,

Though our days are occupied, we sneak in late @ nights,
Trying to resist temptation is a fight, but how can I resist the apple that’s begging for a pluck and a bite?

He doesn’t love you the way I do,
Doesn’t touch your soul and lift you off your soles like your Jimmy Choos,
What he calls love is insanity,
Let me krokro you like a true Fante,

You are the missing piece in this family tree,
The puzzle that completes me,
The Queen Bee that calls in for her honey,
Wouldn’t trade u for anything on the NYSE,

See if you haven’t figured it out by now, then you never will,
I’m trying to place you on top of my family will,

Intoxicated by your love that can never kill,
Baby I’m on one knee, open the box, so u know its real


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