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Words Of Inspiration (#69)

Its purely evident that we fail to learn from the harsh lessons of life when we actually keep hitting the same wall that temporarily breaks us down. Call it arrogance, lack of insight, negligence or whatsoever, we are the causes of our own detrimental downfalls and we must realise sooner or later that only us can stop this abnormality from being a trend.

Nobody was born stupid, dumb nor as an idiot. We were all born with sense, and throughout the course of our growing stages, we are meant to develop our senses more. Separating wrong from right, enhancing more “common sense” and giving less regard to ambiguity. However, its a shame to see that the opposite is being done now.

There’s a saying that goes “Fear what you don’t know”. In so many dimensions you read this, it all comes down to one thing, when you haven’t approached a situation that is liable to damage you or give you success, you should in all cases be weary of its power and potential.

As much as embracing situations become a painful experience, its the lessons out of them that we must gather and grow better from. Therefore, we are not doing ourselves any harm by just allowing ourselves to be walked over by them over and over again. Its not about the size of the situation, its about how long we can keep allowing it to make ridicule of us.

The people we let in into our lives, the choices that we make, the choices we didn’t make, they all contribute to what is now the problem that we face. Unless we have mastered the strength and courage to accept our errors and let them go, we are forever going to be stagnant.

When you get stabbed once in your back, its a painful experience, you learn from it. When you get stabbed again by the same person, you must advice yourself quickly. When you get stabbed multiple times though, you are being fair to yourself, neither are you being fair to your reasoning.

Fix the mess you are in now before it gets too late! Avoid having to crash over and over again for your own sake!


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