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Words Of Inspiration (#70)

You don’t always get what you want in life. Rightfully so, because the world isn’t perfect. If the world was, there would be nothing that would be beyond our reach. Our faith, perseverance and endurance enables us to have that strong belief that we can achieve all that we conceive in our hearts and perceive in our minds.

I’ve spoken about contentment before and like I said in that topic, to everything we have, to everything we hold, we must be thankful and be content. Not everybody has the opportunity to be alive today, neither the possessions and love, however earthly they may be. Thinking beyond contentment is breaking its bounds and stepping into the forecourts of greed and jealousy.

However, in spite of all these, we must recognise that there are times we will not get what we want. We will strive, sweat blood, tears, get frustrated and in the long run, nothing will come out of it. This though, shouldn’t stop us from trying to attain a measure of good living, neither should it break our spirits, nor our beliefs.

Physically we can build ourselves to withstand these periods of adversaries. Mentally its a tough ask to get through but a task that’s not unconquerable. What we must understand is that due to life’s imperfection, we have to tune our minds to be able to balance both joy and pain, gain and loss, victory and defeat. It would be highly comical and unreasonable for you to think life has only its “ups” and never “downs”.

The message today is simple, master the courage to move on from the desires that are unattainable. Have less regrets and work harder to strive for more desires while sticking to your principles and ideologies.

You have the power! Take control!


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