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Words Of Inspiration (#71)

When you love someone, nothing stands in your way apart from the word “love” itself. There are so many interpretations of love, each according to how we perceive in our hearts. Let it be known that love does not involve abuse. It does not involve physical assaults, neither does it involve threatening the life’s of others. Love is simply a mutual feeling between 2 hearts or a force of an attraction between 2 people.

You can’t force love, its boundaries are wider in actuality than the ordinary mind may perceive it to be. As I said, its a force of an attraction, where there’s none, love will only seem to exist @ the agape (friendship) stage. It takes time for love to mature. Circumstances may increase this maturity but the main catalyst that elevates it is understanding and a bond of realisation.

As you begin to love each other (u and your significant other), love becomes like a bird hatched out of an egg. As days, weeks, months go in, you begin to feel its power and strength. Its here where you are bound to face certain uncertainties. You are bound to meet the odd disapproval from your brain due to an argument or incident. Never panic in situations such as these, they are phases that are meant to test your REAL feelings for the other.

I’m no love guru nor expert but what I can tell you today is that, love is process. A steady one, its a car on a road heading towards the destination of satisfaction, along it you will meet some ramps and potholes, you may not be able to avoid them all, but you can drive slowly to reduce their impact on yourself.

Patience + Belief + God = the key to successful Love


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