Suave 24/7 - 365

Words Of Inspiration (#72)

Don’t try to force a box that won’t open unless you possess its perfect key. There are two ways the story will end. Either one, you’re going to end up dismantling the box to which you might not be able to open it forever, or two, you’ll end opening a box full load of problems you don’t want to get.

There comes a time when we want to feel smarter than the level of our IQ. Unfortunately we end up becoming “stupid” just for that moment because we failed to apply caution but enable ignorance in our actions. We have all been there, its no news. However, some of us, deep within our hearts keep repeating this disorder as if it has cure.

This situation applies to our everyday life. That is, choices we make, problem-solving, attempting to out do others and what not. We are subjectively driven rather than objectively driven. As a result we forget the implications of our actions, be it for the worse or the worst. The consequences of your actions are bound to lead to a mass exodus of people who will either lose their trust in you or fail to deal with ignorance and negligence.

We must cool down our heads and desist from letting our egos get the best of us. We must @ all cost free ourselves from the slavery of our egos, work within our capacity and delete all forms and sorts of ignorance and negligence.

Everyone has a limit to which his or her mental capacity can take. You are no exception! THINK wisely!!!


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