Poetic State Of Mind

Fresh Air…

Hearts and arrows,
like needles shot from a syringe into my marrow,
Pain so sweet in the beginning,
Loved the feeling,
Months later its power sour,
Feeling acidic, heart tissues peeling,

A victim of the L O V E syndrome,
The moment I caught it I was
A B O V E the rim,
Wrote letters with heart shapes,
Spent money on Bake Shop cakes,
But to what price?
I paid the ultimate cost with no refunds,
I should have thought twice,

Or maybe I shouldn’t have,
Probably should tried a little more
to capture the other half,
Of the heart piece that left my soul
Temporarily deceased,
I sit here confused and weak,

Maybe its for the better,
Good men die young but I want to
live forever,
With no pain and no stress,
Strapped to my chest is a bulletproof

Invested with a heart to heal,
I’m blind to infatuation, but blessed
In my soul to feel what’s real,
So today I break free from the
shackles of loves domain,
Pain in my heart, but I swear to
refrain from jumping its train,

At last I can smile, with no fear in me,
Lost a treasure but within the cores of this earth there are many,
A toast to a new life,
No tears, no grudges, and to poetry
my only wife,

The only L O V E I have is from the woman who gave birth to me,
The only L O V E I need is that of my father G O D


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