Suave 24/7 - 365

Words Of Inspiration (#73)

Let us rejoice in the moments where we found happiness and reflect but let go quickly of the moments that brought pain. Its not a shame to cry once a while. It only shows that you have feelings for everything around you, irrespective of who they happen to or what is about.

Life is short, and as such we need to move on quickly with situations. Some situations obviously are worth replaying back in our memory over and over again, others are meant for us to look back, find our flaws and straighten them as we move along in life. Either ways, we can’t stand still, we need to move on.

I’ve become accustomed to and fond of this acronym YOLO which means (You Only Live Once). Its more like a motto these days and a more youthful, energetic version of You Only Live Life Once. This is true, we only live once. So automatically we have one shot to do all what our heart desires. One shot to make the best of out of this gift God gave us called life and inspire somebody. Most importantly, one shot to prove to God that our existence on here was not a wasted investment.

We’re in a world full of opportunities, we must seize the moment and take control of as many as we can. No hold backs, no regrets, just a focused mind, a strong-wild heart and an enduring spirit. Why waste all the time you have reflecting on situations that seek to pull your back rather than move you forward? You are much better than that! Embrace these years you have, you will never get another opportunity like this again!

The time for you to take on the world is NOW! Seize The Moment! You Only Live Once… #YOLO


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