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Words Of Inspiration (#75)

Life is all about the choices. Yes its a cliché line but really, when you sit down and consider your life as it is now, can you honestly say you haven’t made any choices? When I say choices I don’t mean as in what food to eat, or what colour of shirts or skirts, etc.. I mean choices that define who you are today and where you are going tomorrow.

No one can make decisions that concern your own life and destiny. That’s almost like asking for someone to manage your thoughts. Its impossible. The main worry with the choices we make in this present age is that we fail to apply the simple rule of “PATIENCE & LOGIC”. As a result we end up making careless choices rather than the right ones.

The rule is defined simply as taking time to consume the options @ hand and weighing them to see which one suits the situation @ that particular moment. Its not that we don’t weigh the options, its just that we don’t weigh them properly.

Think of it as building a house but not properly mixing the mortar. You will get the structure alright but the end result will be a total catastrophe. These careless choices are ultimately caused by naivety, other sources are fear, ignorance and lack of patience. In one way or the other, these sources have the same amount of effect.

We have to realise that the choices that we make are of extreme importance to the path of our lives. Like a car on a journey to a destination, our brains are the maps. The options we have are the various routes, and the choices we make are the turns and points that determine whether we’ll make it to our destination of comfort or not.

“Patience & Logic” is what we need to apply in our lives henceforth. We need to turn off the repeat button on the same mistakes that fail to bring us satisfaction in the long run.

The ultimate choice is yours…


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