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Words Of Inspiration (#77)

To count on people for happiness is a critical act of trust and commitment. Why do I say this? Well, let’s put this in a lame mans perspective. Human beings were created by God. We were created with physical and mental features. What we were not created with however was supernatural abilities. Simply put we were created as mere mortals.

So what does that mean? It means we are not the perfect specimen of God’s creation and as such we are prone to errors. Thus putting our trust in each other is more of a risky business that could very well in the end not provide any profit or benefits. Question is then, who do we trust? How do we know the person next to me is trustworthy?

Respect is earned and never bought. Same way trust is earned and imposed. You can’t force someone to trust you unless you have showed genuine, legitimate signs of commitment to the cause of which that person will want it. Sadly in the world today, many of us are selling ourselves short in the department of trust.

We are allowing ourselves to be swayed by deceptive characteristics such as, smiling, gift acceptance and most commonly, verbal seduction. These characteristics are deceptive in the sense that, you will not find the real motive of whoever is asking you to trust him or her. We see it today in relationships, in exchange of money, etc..

Do not stare blindly @ these people. Let them work HONESTLY & SINCERELY for your trust, because out of trust, respect is earned. Out of respect, a profitable relationship is found. The only trust I can tell you today that overs all humanly trust is that of God. Never fail to acknowledge that fact.

So with your dignity @ stake, be weary of those you trust today. It will surprise you that some members of your own family are not trustworthy. Skip all the surface facts and look for what lies beneath the soul. If its real, then its a valuable deal.

In God we TRUST!


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