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Words Of Inspiration (#78)

Unresponsive people should not be taken as people who “hate” your personality. They should rather be taken as people who do not wish to be bothered @ the particular point in time of you asking. Everyone has their moments when for one reason or the other you do not want to interact with the world but yourself.

Some call it mood swings, others call it being “stuck-up”. Fact of the matter is, when a person wants to be alone, you just have to respect the wishes of that person. Of course, not every problem you come across in life can be solved alone, however its with extreme caution to how we approach such people in such instances.

Learn to adapt the 3 break rule. 1. Try finding out what the problem is. 2. Ask the person if he or she wants to talk about it. 3. Try convincing the person to uncork the bottled up problem. If after these 3 rules, the person still doesn’t want to communicate, just leave the person alone.

There have been many instances where people have tried to force people out of situation like these and the end result hasn’t proven pretty. We have to understand that, its human nature and as such we have to go with the flow and allow these people to feel how they want to feel. In other words, forcing is not the key to the door that is tightly shut.

Some of us, its within our nature to want to help others. This is without a shadow of a doubt, an act of goodwill. However, in our willingness and pursuit to help, we tend to ignore totally the feelings of others and concentrate solely on ourselves. The fact of the matter here is, @ that particular point in time, emphasis and focus should be placed on the person in turmoil rather than us.

One thing about life is, you can’t drive a persons behaviour, all you can is to direct the person on which road to drive on. If they want to share with you, they will open up and once they do, know that your opinion counts a lot. Just because they’ve opened up to you doesn’t mean you should go on and criticise harshly on their errors or mistakes.

Treat them as brothers and sisters of your own. Inspire them, coach them, motivate them. For its out of these acts that they will have a reason to forget whatever problems they have. In a nutshell, you need to be a protagonist to the troubled not an antagonist.

Know that when the soul wants to be left alone, avoid chasing its shadows and leave it to wander about. At the right time just like Karma, it’ll come back around.


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