Suave 24/7 - 365

Words Of Inspiration (#79)

There used to be a time when I’d think what if we were non-existent. Would the world be this depleted or would it have been like a noisy barrel, empty and hollow? Fast forward now, I look @ the world and think, “Gosh! We don’t belong here.” Its pretty fascinating how the concept works.

You look @ the devastation, the pain, the turmoil that people go through everyday. The havocs that the same breed of people cause and you ask yourself “Am I proud to be part of this equation?” There’s more to it than what meets the natural eye to be honest. This world to be frank with you is not what external forces (depending on your belief) have wanted.

We have totally erased the idea of what was to be a peaceful, loving world. So the worlds imperfect, but question is, do you see beauty in its imperfection? Just like looking past the flaws of that guy or girl that you love so much, can you look past what the world is now and find its inner beauty?

If you answered “yes” then you are a very brave soul. The only beauty that can be found in this world is that of the humble, peaceful people who keep praying for a better day, and better days is what we are all hoping for. Days when you wouldn’t have to be victimised because of the colour of your skin. Days when you don’t have to worry about your leader not looking out for your interest but that of his own selfish desires.

Days when you don’t have to question your existence, when you don’t feel like suicide is a friend rather than the enemy. Days when you don’t have to resort to prostitution as a way of catering for yourself. Days when you won’t be burdened with the role of playing both mummy and daddy. Days of fruitful change and harmony. These are days some of us are constantly praying for.

Other people, like parrots go with the flow. They express whatever they hear and follow the movement with no action. One thing for sure is that, the better days we are praying for are far from our hemisphere. They are worth dreaming about, but costly to live in reality. The only thing we can do is to “HOPE & PRAY”.

It starts with a little change, and that little change comes from each of us. We might not live long enough to see the change entirely, but we will live long enough to see our efforts practised and carried through generations behind us.

The future is not tomorrow. The future is NOW! Rise up and wise up! Make that change “PRONTO”!


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