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Words Of Inspiration (#80)

We are blessed and fortunate to have everything that as of now are essential to our living in life. Yet we seek for more which is not a bad idea but a very risky choice. I’ve talked about choices, and being content. Some of you understood the whole picture, some of you were probably looking for a bit of effect to beautify the picture.

What happens though when we fail to make the right choices and are not content with who we are and what we have when we should? Slowly think of every word that can be tagged with destruction. Slowly, slowly, now STOP! I’m sure you’ve got the idea now. It saddens my soul when I hear about lives being taken away. It hurts me even more to hear that the lives taken away were done by the dead people themselves.

There’s one thing I have learned about life, that being no matter how hard or how many multitudes of pressures that may trouble your soul, seek God for comfort and direction. After all, its said in the Bible, “All ye who are weak and heavy laden, come and I will give you rest”. There’s no power and love Higher than that of His. Which brings me to the next point. LOVE.

As much as love on earth is important so as to bring a sense of appreciation and comfort to us, we have to remember that the power of love is super exceedingly greater than any power on earth. As a result, we need to thread its boundaries CAREFULLY.

Under normal circumstances, we are supposed to love God unconditionally, however we end up giving less of love to Him but more to our fellow mortals who in actual sense after life on earth will not have any significant bearings or whatsoever in our lives again. There is a massive price to pay for that, trust me.

Abraham Lincoln once said that “Its not the years in your life that count but rather the life in your years that count”. You have ample time and sufficient resources to attain a brighter future, don’t throw it away for a cause that could be avoided in the 1st place.
Love comes and goes, though we put our hearts in, we must be weary of the waves it can bring and try to stay afloat…

The best of our years is yet to come, if your believe that’s true then there’s nothing that you can’t reach if you put your mind to it. Just know that your life isn’t as damaging as someone else’s. If it is, then what will you of people living in war torn areas? Places like Libya, Sudan, Somalia, etc…

Life is priceless, its the best gift God gave to us. Value it with all your heart.


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