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Words Of Inspiration (#82)

The festive season is to bring people closer and share the significance of what it feels like to have families and friends who care a lot about you. Yet in some places all over the world, this notion is neither seen nor practised. Causes of this predicament maybe due to political struggles, poverty, and the outbreak of an epidemic.

Some of you reading this might have by now drawn to the conclusion, “so what? Its their problem.” If you are a victim, please cure yourself of the ignorant syndrome. Know that this could happen to anyone, it could happen to a member of your family or a friend. The thing is that, so far as they are people like us, with 2 arms, 2 legs, eyes, and inhaling the same air that we are also inhaling, means their pain should be felt.

I am not forcing you to think of these people but just value the life you are living now to their plight and know that God has spared you the agony of having to go through the same struggles that they are going through. In any case, I pray you have the heart to keep these people in your prayers and your thoughts as you celebrate Christmas. We are all one people, irrespective of skin colour, and all other physical features.

Also, let us truly live to up to the significance of being a family. All wars, scuffles and what not should be forgotten about. The objective here is to find joy, promote peace and be thankful for both. Some of us have been through an incredible 11months, without truly finding peace in our hearts, the time is now to find that.

Remember regrets are potholes that slow down your progress on the road to glory. If you’ve failed to have sweet memories throughout the past 11months, redeem yourself with this month and move on from the pain or disappointments of earlier on in the year. Love life, live it to the max and let God be the root and stem of all your affairs.


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