Suave 24/7 - 365

Words Of Inspiration (#83)

Finding the right people to call soul mates or lovers can sometimes be an annoying, emotionally stressed job. Especially when you’ve been through many disappointments in the past. Under normal circumstance, you look @ yourself thinking, “What’s wrong with me?” “How come I can’t get a good person to settle with?” To be honest, there’s nothing wrong with you.

Its sad and annoying sometimes to hear about people committing suicides or wanting to commit suicides in the name of love. There’s no saying anywhere that says just cause you can’t find love or cause the person you love doesn’t love you back, means you have to end your life. Absolute RUBBISH! A death based on such circumstances is dishonourable and deserves no burial.

We must remember love is a feeling, and its a multiple feeling. You feel with your heart and your mind. However, these two parts can easily conflict with each other and that’s where if proper care is not taken, decisions that are consequently regretful are taken. The world we are living right now sees a lot of us, (youth especially) making rash decisions into relationships. Don’t get me wrong, some come out fine, but most end up in shambles.

The proper way is to take your time, and establish a good rapport of feelings. These take a while to establish, so if you’re the non patient type, well I suggest you join the “no attachments yet” queue. As much as you want to go with your heart, use your gumption as well. If its not worth the sacrifice and labour, don’t go through it, for your own health and safety.

Another topic I want to touch on briefly here is the fact of leading people on and not being serious about the r/ship you fall into. I simply do not understand how human beings of this day and era be full of greed and wickedness. In the sense of leading people on into r/ships. Wrong signals are in my opinion more lethal than poison. They kill the soul faster, yet we have people doing it to the vulnerable souls. People who do that, either have no shame or are just heartless.

If you are aware that some actions will lead others on, just don’t it! Is it a case that people are hard-headed, or just ignorant? It does my head in to be honest. Now to conclude, to those who do not show signs of seriousness in r/ships they fall into.

Remember that, people put their all in r/ships. This includes sacrificing their time, economic resources etc in the name of love. They don’t deserve 45% of your love, they deserve a 100%. If you know you can’t give it to them, don’t bother allowing them into your life in the 1st place. Its not a force to be in a r/ship, but it is a force to show signs of commitment once you get into one.

To all those who’ve been victims of heartbreaks, all hope isn’t lost. Just pick yourself up from the carnage, dust off the debris and move on. God is the master architect who never sleeps. So far as you know that and have BELIEF in Him, you never have to worry about being alone!


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