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Words Of Inspiration (#84)

The hardest decisions we sometimes have to make are those decisions that involve having to deal with the feelings of others. We sometimes jump on to the boat wagon without properly being aware of ourselves. Its a fact here that 9/10 we regret those decisions in the long run and ultimately have to pay the price of not taking our time to truly identify our thoughts, emotions and feelings.

There are two school of thoughts to this situation. The 1st being, do you have any reason or does the other person have any reason for you to have to draw to a conclusion? In most cases of this nature, there’s normally a foundation set for decisions to be made. If there truly isn’t a solid reason for a decision to be drawn up, then there’s a pointless act of behaviour, attitude and reasoning going on.

The 2nd thought is how well are you sure of being right after the decision has been made and do you think it will unify or severe ties in the long run? Some decisions form the chassis of how you relate with the other person. You need to assess the possibilities and aftermath of decisions you make. Think about the worse case scenarios and ask yourself whether you are prepared to face the consequences, come what may.

If your reason for making a particular decision is to unify the tie you have with the other person or people, tread carefully, because your perception of how the person or people may take it may be way off course from the aftermath of making that decision. In other words consider the feelings of whoever in the situation to a large extent.

Again like I said, the situation might be one that needs no stressing but just more interaction and affection. Do not get caught up by in unwanted thought of confusion or whatsoever, they will lead you to making rash decisions in the long run, which subsequently you’d regret if not sooner, then later. Handle the situation properly, any negative barrier should be addressed and only when that has failed to be address in a proper manner may you start thinking about coming up with decisions.

To some large extent, put the feelings of others ahead of yourself even if you are not the one @ fault. Sometimes people do certain things or act in certain ways they actually mean not to. You making a rash decision will be in a way sort of agreeing with the fact that the person is @ fault but not willing to find the root of the problem and not acting in a way that shows that you @ least want a resolution.

Like glasses, the heart is as fragile as they come..tread carefully, reason before your take a decision that will end up seeing you losing…


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