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Words Of Inspiration (#85)

Accepting the fact somethings or some people just can’t be changed can sometimes be the hardest truth to handle. You sometimes wish things were a little bit different in your life than they are now but inevitably these things always remain dormant and you end up asking yourself why it is so? Likewise you try your best to convince people in anticipation that they’ll change inevitably yet they choose to remain the same.

Its hard to comprehend but such is life. Its the imperfection of the world that allows this to seem normal, but question is, how many of us see it that way? To see life in that sense, we must first come to terms with ourselves. We need to be realistic about certain situations and ultimately accept the inevitable truth. Truth is never a facade, its an enormous billboard that stares us right in the face. We can’t hide from it because no matter how far we go away from it, it will always come back staring @ us.

There is something quite special about this in terms of the people we meet in regards to this topic. How many of us can confidently admit of letting go people we felt were too good to be true? Any hands raised? I bet there are already. Attitudinal changes of such people who you let go if you have observed are quite persistent and calm. They do not over react and are always seeking the best for you. They are more like angels.

So why do we feel like they’re too good for us to be with us? To be honest, there is no such thing as being too good for someone, be it friendship or relationship. We need to understand that just like heavenly angels who protect us, these angels on earth are pretty much in most cases the answer to some of our most pertaining questions. For example; Who do I talk to? Is there anyone who can look @ me and tell me that everything is going to be ok? Questions like that.

In all fairness, angels like that find it hard to accept decisions of separation and avoidance. They mean no harm, but yet we feel like we have the tendency to harm them. Today the message is simple, somethings might change but most things won’t. Likewise some people will come into your life and rather than changing, will make your life for the better. No one knows the extent to which their absence will be felt, but trust me when I say this, when truth settles in, you will feel like a certain part of you is gone.

“Angels do exist, When they do come into your life, Never let them GO”


2 thoughts on “Words Of Inspiration (#85)

  1. QuayC Myers says:

    Speaking from a personal point of view,this…, truly a beautiful piece. Thumbs up Mr Gaituah…and keep them coming.

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