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Words Of Inspiration (#86)

There is a difference between speaking out your mind and making noise. When you speak out of your mind, you are expressing your views, allowing people to know your thoughts on a or some particular issues. When you are making noise, you tend to step out of line most of the time. Some term it as “blowing jazz”, others term it as being “discordant”. Either ways you see it, just don’t conflict the two together. They are two separate things.

So what does speaking out your mind involve then? It involves looking @ situations from a realistic point of view. Its about going straight to the point, telling the viewer what you feel it is rather than what should be and vice versa. Normally, the truth is a bitter pill for those of us who have a sense of guilt within us. Its much bitter to those who instil within themselves pride. However, for what is worth, there comes a point where the shock guards of pride just can’t seem to hold your heart anymore. That’s when anger sets in.

Then rage accompanies that anger and suddenly everyone becomes the enemy. The real ironic situation is that, no one really is the enemy, the real enemy is yourself. This is cause pride forms an alter ego of you. It creates that multiple persona of you. A decoy into thinking you’re the most absorber of comments and feelings attached to them. Its easy to get deceived by pride. It must be noted that speaking out of your mind is a skill and one that if not done carefully, tends to blow things out of proportion.

It deals with confidence and not over confidence, it bears a limit to rantings and expressive attitudes. Thus, when you exceed these attributes, know that you’re entering into the dark side otherwise known as “blowing jazz”. That on the other hand, involves being uncharacteristically vague and pointless. It involves making remarks and comments which don’t add up entirely. Sometimes the content may include a minimal percentage of truth but by marginal terms, it will be full of rubbish!

An example of this would be someone who probably decides to go out and claim to have what we term these days as “dirt” on people. These people conjure facts and place them out to the general public for their own pleasure but entirely for the downfall of the victims in question. They are heartless and won’t stop @ nothing to let the whole world what they perceive as “truth” to be known. In the end hoping to severe ties and relationships. What we fail to understand as rational human beings here is that these people need not to be entertained.

Ignorance and the thought of “oh wow, this is fun” are the reasons why these people still feel the urge to continue this act of shame and petulance. The irony here is that, you keep enjoying these noises till your name comes up and then your heart decides to boil, but wait! Here’s a question, did you think he wouldn’t get to you sooner or later? Ignorance people! Ignorance! Its what is separating the real from the non real. Its what separating the innocent from the guilty ones. Till we flush that out of our system we will always encounter situations like these.

I pray today, you will not be influenced by the seed of ignorance. That you will speak out of your mind rather than “blowing jazz”. That you will tolerate truth but despise fakes, phonies and irrelevant substances by irrelevant people. You are much, much wiser than that. Channel all that negative energy into something positive! Keep your eyes on what’s real!


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