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Words Of Inspiration (#87)

12 whole months…and we’re finally here…31st December 2011, the final day of the year. Looking back @ the past 11months, I must admit, its been an incredible year. Some of you have faced major struggles, toiled through so unimaginable situations you never thought you’d go through and some of you have broken hearts and severed ties of various relationships. In all things however, it is important to give thanks and praise to the creator, God.

We also have to accept certain things that happened and understand that they happened for a reason. If you study closely, they have a linkage with each other. Just for this moment, sit back and look @ all the mishaps and negativity that came across you this year. Its probably for the best that they came along your path. The truth is, they are bound to lead us on greater and better things, if not sooner then later.

As the year approaches the end, its better to anticipate a better year rather than live with regrets. Memories of the year can be reflected on alright but they are neither supposed to draw us back nor put us as a stand still. We sometimes put too much emphasis on these memories, attaching an overload of emotions that we soon can’t control and in the end, we lose our identities of who we are and why we are here. This should not happen.

In any case, the year may have provided a lot of opportunities to meet new people. Some of whom have had significant impact on our lives. It is for a fact that others are yet to do so, but understand that patience is a virtue. Rather than rushing them into showing us their usefulness in our lives, its a much wiser and smarter option to allow them to grow on us. Of course, we must be weary of the negative signals as and when they do creep up.

For those who haven’t, its time to crop them out of our lives. Since editing their personas wouldn’t necessary add any aesthetic value and meaning to our lives, its better we crop them to maintain the original quality picture than to reduce it. 2011 may have been a year of broken hearts and new found loves. Some of us may have been heart broken but remember that out of these, we grow stronger. For those of us who rushed into breaking ties, if its too late to mend, just learn from them and move on.

For those of us who just found love, remember that, its a study process. No need to rush into things because in actual sense, what you may perceived to be it, might still need a whole lot of editing and touches or sometimes may not be it @ all. Go in with your heart but reason with your head. Give it time, and allow yourselves to grow. If its meant to happen, it will happen. However if it isn’t, just be strong and move on.

In the coming year, we must thrive on opportunities to excel. We must find peace and joy with people who are in the position to give us that. Family should be well integrated in our lives. Also, we shouldn’t give up on the people who are willing to stick and wait for us to rediscover ourselves. It might take a while, the doubts will keep on streaming in, but faith, persistence and perseverance should see us through. Make peace, not war. It sometimes is hard to avoid the odd conflicts every now and then, but avoid those that are physically and mentally draining.

We have to take those risks that this year we were to scared to. Mentally, we have to be prepared to go all out in the next year. Remember that even if we fall a couple of times, we have the ability to rise and perform better. Its in our DNA but truth is, if we don’t find it, then it can’t work effectively. Finally, God should be embedded in our daily lives. His word we must feed on daily, and His love we must depend on @ all times. Even in moments when we feel like we can’t go on with life, we must remember that trials and failure is temporary, but success is permanent.

My final thoughts. 2011 has been an amazing year, mixed feelings and what not. I am however thankful for those of you have been with me on this journey since the beginning of the year. I will admit its been emotional sometimes writing these messages, but I am very much appreciative of the love I’ve received throughout the process. Its overwhelming and beyond my wildest imagination.

I’d like to say thank you for reading and believe me that next year I will be back with more words to inspire you daily. I wish you peace, health, wealth and all the joy that the coming year may bring along. May death nor disaster be part of you nor your families, and may you grow stronger in mind, in heart and in spirit. Happy New Year people!!


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