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Words Of Inspiration (#88)

Happy New Year everyone – Glad to be back with you guys this year. I wish you the best of everything the year has to offer and pray that neither poverty, illness nor death will be part of you lives this year.

This is a period of transition. As much as some people will like to debate on the phrase “new beginnings”, its beyond a shadow of doubt that, the new year does bring along new beginnings. Call it a breath of fresh air, call it a new chapter, its true that you’re the same person who lived yesteryear. However, you can live your life in a new sense, and that’s the only major change that the year should bring. Being aware of your errors and yourself in a whole allows this transition to happen.

We have to remember that not only living your life can be regard to as new beginnings. New beginnings can be used when moving on with your life from a stable point. Supposing you had started your road to recovery from certain mishaps or unfortunate circumstances in the past year, new beginnings can be applied here because you are seeking to continue the path of recovery and light on which you were from. Its an on-going process.

So “New Beginnings” it is, the past is in the past. No reflections anymore, only perception with ambition, God intervention and dedication. We can only anticipate that the best is yet to come and we’re headed for glory. Resolutions or no resolutions there will be some changes we’d all have to make in order to live properly this year. If you’re still living in fear to do so. Then you’re not fit to last even through the 1st quarter of this year. Just let go of all lose threads still hanging onto your garment of life.

Changes must be applied and take full effect starting right NOW! Here’s to a year of unlimited blessings, grace, abundant love, undisturbed peace and true joy and happiness. Aim beyond the sky, the stars and the galaxy!


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