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Words Of Inspiration (#89)

Its a sticky situation when you tend to give people who’ve hurt in more ways than another the chance to come back in your life. Its basically cause these people still have the tendency to hurt you. However, the approach may lead you onto the fact that everything is good, but is it really good?

We sometimes make mistakes with people and find it hard to move on from those people cause we feel guilty of having to let them go. Be it by wrongful assumptions or by some sort of cheating or betrayal. If its the latter, then its pretty much straight forward. If its the former, then you need to be aware of “clinging on”. Regrets are inevitable but in some situations they need not be entertained.

Everyone assumes every now or then, its the basic human instinct feeling. There are the rightful assumptions and there are the wrongful assumptions. Rightful assumptions as we know are straight forward and need less deliberating and debating over them. Wrongful assumptions however, have a lot of repercussions. There’s a single rule to them however, that is, if its past reflection and recollection stage, then its not looking back to.

Some of us still hang on to the guilt of having made wrongful assumptions and rather than moving on with our life, we tend to stay stand still and push others willing to be part of us away. This should not be the case. We keep hearing about “what’s in the past, stays in the past” but yet we are still stubborn to let go of the past. Question is how the heck are we ever going to progress if we keep looking back @ our past.

The past should in any case serve as a motivator onto better things rather than keeping us @ a stand still. Regrets on the other hand should @ all hand be not entertained because they prevent us from going on with our lives. People out there somewhere are willing to get into our lives and make a positive impact, others have already. The ultimate regret in life is letting go that one source of your understanding and happiness.

Why? Because you are very much aware that its hard to come by that kind of joy and happiness. So why let go?? The past is the past people. Its time turn a new page, move on, live in happiness rather than in guilt and sorrow.

There is light @ the end of the tunnel, if only you’ll seek it and move to it!


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