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Words Of Inspiration (#90)

We are naturally gifted with the spirit of endurance. Its embedded in our DNA’s. As a result, we realise that right after falling, we have to rise. Now, as much as this gift is embedded in our DNA’s, its important to take note that, like a machine, endurance has switches that need to be activated in order to work properly. Certain switches are always turned on and need to be turned off, while others need to be turned on always.

The on switches are positivity, dedication and motivation. These 3 are key to any endurance test. Now someone would ask, “how does motivation help in endurance?” Question is, what pushes us to hold on to our pursuits of dreams, goals and to win in any situation? Motivation! There is nothing really much to it, when you’re highly motivated, there is nothing you can’t achieve. This is because you are inspired, one way or the other by either past events, accomplishments, family or anything that gives you an extra incentive to win.

Positivity as we know, is thinking forward rather than backwards. For its role in endurance, it serves as that motor that supports the engine of endurance psychologically. Dedication in itself is also self-explanatory. It has to do with being committed to the cause. If you are not committed, then you are highly likely to succumb to any blip or setback that may come along your way. People in this day and era seem to lack that trait within them. As a result, they fail to accomplish or gather themselves from the jaws of defeat and what not.

We’ve seen the 3 switches that need to be turned on. Now to the switches that need to be turned off. These are fear, complacency and ego. That’s it. Just those 3, but mind you its harder to turn them off than you think it is. These are no ordinary switches because, they have the potential to blow up the fuse(confidence) in your brain. Complacency is a result of being over confident about a situation that you’re in. We have situations where people feel like, they’ve been there before so they fail to attack with caution.

That in itself, has all the recipes of causing a disaster. Others also feel like, just because they’ve handled situations of mass complications before, why should they need to be worried about any situation that faces them. These are the 2 schools of thought to complacency. However, just like a car you drive, if you fail to service it for one day just because you feel you’ve serviced it the previous day or month so there’s no need, you are very likely to get a shock of your life when the car decides to break down @ some point of your journey.

Complacency is very much synonymous to Ego. Egotistic people, tend to be complacent. One results to the other but @ the same time, they both share similar characteristics and function in the same sense. Fear as we know is the constant within these 3. Arguably the most hardest switch to turn off. Its that switch that flicks and fiddles with your psyche and once you’re unable to control it, it blows up your fuse and suddenly, you don’t have the desire to win anymore because you are barred by the thought of something going bad.

However, fear is just a state of the mind. Like words, its not physically damaging, but mentally and emotionally damaging. The only way we can avoid fear is by building a wall of confidence, cemented by a coat of belief and trust in our abilities. If we can eliminate fear, then the rest will follow the same suit because fear is more like the feeder and ruler of the other 2 switches.

There are no compromises here, you must go according to the directions given. Failure to apply the necessary effect to just one of those switches and the endurance power becomes impotent. Endurance is the key to winning, if you can endure, then you can achieve. There are no subjects nor differentials to this rule.


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