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Words Of Inspiration (#91)

This year is a year where some of us need to discover and rediscover the traits, attributes and things that define who we are. At some point last year we might have fallen astray from these things and as such found ourselves in a place and position which was hard to comprehend and affected our psyche and way of living. Its hard to keep a solid focus in 12months, 365days and 52weeks in a year. There will be times you will fall astray but through everything, the key to maintaining that focus is to discovering and or rediscovering yourself.

Its a fact that our lifestyles sometimes may need to be altered for us to keep with the ever evolving change in the world we live. The game of football for example sees a lot of changes within a decade period or so. Footballers @ the age of 30 tend to lose pace and agility, thus, to maintain a form that can meet up to these changes, they alter their diet and training techniques just so they can keep up with the game. In the same way, @ some point in our lives we have to alter ours to meet the demanding changes.

Every job on earth now has some sort of demands that one needs to live up to, failure to do so and you will be regarded as one being past his or her prime. Therefore its essential we discover what will make us live up to those demands. If its cutting down on some food substances, the in-take of alcohol, sugary substances, smoking, etc., we have to do it. A healthy mind is equivalent to a healthy body and vice versa.

There are some of us who also move away from these healthy activities and employ the unhealthy activities. These may include, over eating, eating late @ night, failing to sleep early, and just the opposites of healthy living. It is with interest to know that the life span is gradually reduced while these activities take full effect. It is advisable that we take extra precaution to avoid these and maintain our physical & mental rate.

The last bit of this note I want to talk about is the influence of people around you. This is also a major cause of losing your true identity. You may have discovered that @ the beginning of every year, you meet a whole lot of people. Some come with the intention of being a helper and aider in your life. Others however start off in that same sense then drift off. The problem here is that we spend so much time on the ones who drift away that we tend to forget those who’ve stuck around us for so long.

Through this focus, we spend and waste time, energy and emotions trying to gather pieces of glasses which we very much know can’t be joined together. The mission here is simple. Rather than wasting all that energy on those people, spend all your resources on those who have been true to you since day one. You may have lost touch with a couple, try to locate them. Re-establish that kind of relationship that brought you both joy.

Old friends are always the best. That is not to say, that the current crop who may possess those attributes and traits as that of the old ones are not worth keeping. They are worth every penny. In a way they remind you of why you never have to worry of being alone in times of joy and sorrow. Find happiness within these people and should any of them come @ fault, carefully handle the situation such that if its minor, it doesn’t escalate into something terrible.

The world is evolving, we need to find our place. Of course, the place as some would argue is here, but no, I mean our place of contentment and peace. We need to keep up to pace with the rapid changes and adjust to them accordingly. Discover, Rediscover and reinvent yourself to catch up with life! #SIMPLES.


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