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Words Of Inspiration (#92)

What lessons do we learn out of situations, people and events we encounter each day? Do not fool yourself into thinking that there’s nothing to be learned on the regular basis. To each moment we have an encounter with people, there is something to learn. Due to the fact that people vary by persona, we are bound to meet different people each day. It is important that we gain lessons from the encounters we have.

By meeting different personas, you are given the opportunity to know how the human mind works, which attitudes are right and wrong, and most importantly how to handle relationships with people. I’m particularly interested in the relations part because truth of the matter is, people can’t control their emotions when trying to have cordial ties with other people. The wrong things might be said and the other party may not handle the situation that well.

In terms of events or practical situations, we learn out of every single activity we get involved in. For example, I am currently writing this to you. Right after I publish this, I will be looking to read on other publications just so I can learn how to either expand my horizon in the notes I write, or derive inspiration for tomorrows note. There’s always something to learn everyday in life and you don’t need defeats nor moments of loss to find them.

There are some people everyday who learn to make the world a better place. For example, a car manufacturing company always seeks to improve from their last model of car made. They learn from the constructive criticism and personal opinions, coupled with a bit of research to come out with a man or woman’s ultimate dream car. The cycle continues because everyday, a suggestion will come out and criticisms will always be there.

The message today is short and simple. Do not ignore the people and events that come by in your life. For life is a never ending educational cycle. Each you can learn something new, and whatever you learn can impact not only your life but the lives of others. You can in effect change the world with solutions to your findings and that can be your contribution to a world that is gradually growing deplete due to unnecessary wars, power struggles and the elements of weather.

What have you learnt right now?


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