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Words Of Inspiration (#93)

In life its better to cherish the moments that have significant impact on our lives rather than to groan about regrets and missed opportunities. Its important to note that a missed opportunity isn’t necessary a miss of a lifetime. Its only a missed chance but you are exposed in a world full of opportunities, and just like trying to catch a bus @ a bus station, when you miss one, another comes in sooner rather than later.

Too many of us live in the prehistoric era where we assume that failure to grasp an opportunity is a failure to progress with our lives. This I must say is a “cock and bull” interpretation of life. The philosophy is played out and the sooner we realise the abundance of opportunities we have, the better our chances of survival in this world becomes stable.

With every loss comes a valuable gain. The gain I’m talking about here isn’t actual gains but moral gains. Gains that show you where you went wrong and how to fix those wrongs. Gains that alter your steps in achieving a goal or purpose rather than transforming you into a pessimist creature of life.

Living in pessimism is simply living in denial that you can be better and unless we change that way of living, we will not get anywhere. We will be immobile and limited, in most cases bounded to very few, less or no opportunities @ all. The constituents of living a purposeful life include; being spiritually inclined, motivation, dedication, belief and will power.

Will power here symbolises the epitome of an optimist. One who is not willing to give in, irrespective of how many times he or she has fallen and the amount of obstacles that come across his or her path. The purpose of living today is to achieve a life that’s beneficial to not only yourself but also that of others in the sense that, others can be inspired to follow the same suit to improve their living conditions as well.

We are each brothers keeper irrespective of sex, age, race, tribe or beliefs. We believe in the existence of a greater power to whom we perceive as our ultimate saviour. However, we are of one flesh and blood as created by the Master of Creations. As a result, when we belief in ourselves and take the opportunities @ our disposal to great use, we are in a sense, inspiring others to do the same.

Its time we believe in ourselves and capabilities. We strive for greatness and let that spirit that allows us to do so, transcend down to everybody around us and beyond. Now that’s what I call…Unifying A Nation Through One Goal or Purpose!

Stay #Winning!


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