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Words Of Inspiration (#94)

Your instincts may not always be right but its better to trust them in any case. Life is not really much of a gamble, but its much of probabilities. The probability that you’ll have a good day @ work, that you will gain a job opportunity you’ve been praying for. That a miracle will come through and you’ll be blessed with what you’ve always wanted.

The thing about life is, we work hard to anticipate rewards out of our good works. Sometimes the rewards come in after a long period of working, other times it comes right after you’re done with work. In any case, we can’t determine when what we wish for can come to light. The same way we can’t determine whether that job is worth the taking, whether that boy or girl will end up being a husband or wifey material or whether the day will turn out perfect or horrible.

All we can do is to hope for the best but be weary of the worse. In this ludicrous world, its the most sensible and logical move to play. Hardwork no doubt guarantees success, but its the reward that accompanies the success that is hard to determine. We as humans on earth have been asked to live our lives in a godly manner so as to gain eternal life. However, when asked to live in good deeds, doesn’t mean going against the scriptures but giving to the poor and being courteous will guarantee us that eternal life.

If you know the difference between good and bad, then you automatically know the difference between darkness and light. Therefore you shouldn’t be afraid of following your instincts when put in any situation, be it simple or complex. Our lives become complex when we become indecisive about following our instincts. The thing is, when you follow your instincts, when you come through good, you are satisfied but when you come through bad, you must learn.

Life is really much of making wiser decisions but how would you know which decisions are wiser if you haven’t made mistakes. The world isn’t perfect neither are you and that’s how the term “perfect imperfection” came about. Learn to follow your instincts but use your head while you are it. if you stumble, just get up and try again. Practice makes one perfect.

Imperfect You + Imperfect World = Perfection »» Equation Of Life!


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