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Words Of Inspiration (#95)

In His image we were created. God is who I’m referring to here just in case your minds far away. He created us according to His image. This means we were created to follow in His ways and doctrines. As well as that, physically we were each created according to His discretion and differently.

Its sad to see people today especially women, go through the process of bleaching. All for what? To be beautiful? To attract men? This I must say is total vanity and believe me when I say you will not be guaranteed a husband and even you do get one, he will be one who loves you for your looks and looks only.

Its hard to comprehend why a female born black and beautiful would detest her own skin complexion and want to lighten herself. There’s no excuse for it and personally I think its a blow to the power and respect embedded and gained in them. It wipes out the true essence of having a strong character and belief in yourself and encourages insecurity.

We must note that changing your skin complexion doesn’t make you any more handsome nor beautiful. It only takes it away. It also questions your respect and regard for Gods works. In a way you are more of insulting Gods purpose in creating you. Inner peace and self respect is much beautiful than physical looks. Thus, even if you do bleach yourself, so far as your inner self is rotten and not pure, you remain ugly before men who love rather than lust and God.

You were created the way you are now because God wanted you to be that way. He saw the good in creating you black and not anything else, just like He saw the good in creating others white and what not. Be proud of your identity. Let’s face it, others would kill to look like you but they won’t go changing their identities because it won’t solve anything pertaining being loved for their inner selves and persona.

To the ladies out there, respect your skin. Yes, there are medical complications but the true complication of having to go through with this evil act is losing the identity of who you really are. Remember, you will be loved not only for your looks but for what’s within the looks. What’s in the heart and the soul. I believe the men out there have moved on from the generation where complexion used to be the sole purpose for going into women. In this present day and age its more than that.

Black is ebony, its pure as gold, commands respect and is an epitome of beauty and elegance. To the men, look beyond what’s physical in the women. Of course, no one wants to marry a not so good looking female, but remember its what’s in the heart that counts. Encourage whoever you are with to be proud of who she is. The more you do that, the more they feel good and appreciate themselves.

Black is Beautiful!! Say No To Bleaching!!!


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