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Words Of Inspiration (#96)

Nothing can ever replace a mothers love. Absolutely nothing. Its not just a cliché saying but its a theory, one which transcends to the core of our innermost heart and soul. When you think about it, its a beautiful feeling. You have to respect the fact that although your fathers sperms helped developed the eggs in her womb to develop you, she subsequently carried you for 9months and that itself is no tall order.

Now putting into context the pain and stress of having to be pregnant and subsequently giving birth, we look a few notable traits that can be found. Endurance, bravery, confidence, care and the most significant one of them all..Love. All these a mother possesses and shows during those significant stages. Now psychologically, the mother is supposed to be the softer of the human gender.

She’s the emotional one and its through her we develop the traits of calmness, care and love. Your father provides that strong mental but more of a physical sense of confidence and manly strength. However, its easy to say that without a bit of feminine touch, you’ll grow up to be an aggressor and one of less or no patience. We have our mothers to thank for in that respect of not being one of those.

A mother is irreplaceable simply for the fact that her teachings’, care and love are unmatched. She’s the moral educationalist. From birth she shields you from the pressures of life and though we might break lose @ some point of our lives to try and fly by ourselves, that early guidance serve as the chassis in our growth development.
For us men, its even more significant because its through a mothers love that we automatically develop the culture of treating ladies. Any man who can confidently say he learned how to treat women without the love and care of his mother is not human. No matter how much a female may get your nerves or disappoint you, before you think about being disrespectful or raising your hand to strike her, remember that your mother taught you the value of patience.

To the ladies out there, before you abort a baby, bear in mind the fact that, your mother also had the option to do the same with you but she didn’t. Why? Because you were a blessing to her world, irrespective of circumstances that brought about the pregnancy. Also, decency is a value that should be portrayed in how you speak, dress or act. Its for a fact that some mothers to date, wish they had learnt those values earlier rather than later. Its not too late for you to do so.

Appreciate your mum not just on mothers day. Appreciate her everyday. Even if she’s, excuse me to say, reckless, neglects you, or rues the day you were born, acknowledge the fact that who you are, where you’re @, where you want to go and who you want to be, wouldn’t have been possible had she given birth to you.


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