Poetic State Of Mind

Tears For A Mother; A Pledge To Honour

Ghana bleeds tears of red stains,
Her troubles have no periods but pour constantly like periodic red season rains,

Where’s her tampon?
To soak the pressure she confined her trust in the mighty elephant, but like a rose got trampled on,

Cock blocked by hens who lazy about and pretend that there’s no hope for her,
She sought shelter under an umbrella whose linen were dirty and porous like perforated underwear,

Merry go round she goes,
Mixing enemies with foes like a blend of Henny and coke,
Her children are to blame,
They’re wolverines in chinchillas,
Harvey Dents with no shame,

Her values are ridiculed by hypocrites,
Daughters turned to dolls,
They’re materialistic,

Sons addicted to limelight, flashy flashy,
Cocks trying to pluck feathers of chics who are only interested in “cash and carry”

A better her, yells her sons in highest seats,
Blood full of deceit, they perspire evil deeds,

Just look @ her, she’s on her knees,
Her souls rusty and her body’s weak,
Her grandchildren thirst and decompose as death rapidly feasts,
Will this ever cease?

But we are the future though,
Our spirits never dim, full of vim and we shine cos we’re born to win with our hearts full of gold,

They’ll soon feel the drama we’ll bring,
No lights, no cameras, just a script of history that’ll be rewritten,

For this land is ours, and our souls are unforgiving,
Their molars will decay and wither,
Their barks will turn into purrs of kittens,

Vampires of the 21st century,
Prepare to be slain,
Think of this piece as your obituary,
No wake keeping, only unrelenting pain,

Your thrones will tumble,
Your egos will crumble,
Sons of David, born humble,
What’s a god to a king?
With shots from a sling, all Goliaths will stumble,

A thousand may stand in our way,
But for her we’ll fight for freedom like slaves,

Abort the rotten seeds of her womb,
With needle precision, we’ll penetrate her in positions by day and conceive by night stars who’ll shine brighter and suspend higher than the moon,

For if we fail to deliver then we too are like logs floating in a calm river,
Chances are few and slimmer, we’re stretched but our elasticity stretches beyond the word “quitter”,

Burned out like alcohol in the liver,
We seek to be heads running a race in this cold world, but we don’t shiver,

They might have taken our gold but we’re not settling for silver,
Supported by our mothers love stronger than a pillar

In the end we’re the true spirits with grits and wits..
With our torches high and lit like the summer Olympics,

The takeover is imminent,
Mother Ghana your troops are about to save you from your predicament,
With our heads high and raised chins,
We are @ the mercy of glory, but surely we’ll win…


One thought on “Tears For A Mother; A Pledge To Honour

  1. “Your thrones will tumble,
    Your egos will crumble,
    Sons of David, born humble,
    What’s a god to a king?
    With shots from a sling, all Goliaths will stumble”

    Love this part!

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