Poetic State Of Mind

Object Of Affection…

Love comes in stages beautiful; heart mind body and soul,
You’re ambitious, its ridiculous how those other men treat you though,

My lovely queen,
Its easy to say that I love you but hard to act clean,

You desire the best, your intelligence has no contest,
Contested your love, many have tried, but instead of a task now they’re dealing with a conquest,

They say the best things come in two,
In you I find elegance and truth,
Truthfully I’ll love to devour you,
But mama raised no fool,
She taught me to respect the lady and value her temple too,

You have nice eyes,
smile while I stare @ ’em in awe,
You’re not perfect I know, but you goodness surpasses all your flaws,

Diamond girl,
Your body’s glistening like a shiny pearl,
You got the factor my X forgot to go after in my world,

But I’m not proposing,
Cos you are already chosen,
Your heart belongs to God,
But I keep negotiating in prayer
that He’ll grant me an opening in your hearts control room,

You’re a dime piece,
Audemars cost a lot but you’re priceless and worth the keeps,

Your ambition is my addiction,
Your glances, so tempting, reason for my minds conviction,

High off those curvy hips,
Sedated by those soft glossy lips,
Feels like a magic trick,
How did you turn me from a doubting Thomas to an optimist,

You’ve been played by many,
Insecurities are bound to drive you crazy,
Even dating’s a maybe,
But your effort in giving chances is the reason you distinguish yourself from a hoe, you’re a lady,

You respect yourself,
Your pride you keep it zipped and up in your skirt,

An object of affection,
Your imperfection is a blessing that is vague to the opaque-minded stressing bout looks and causing rejection,

True to the your faith,
But my religion is worshipping your apple bottom shape,
I’m joking babe,
God must have been jealous of how He moulded you like a piece of clay,

Glued to the facts,
I’m stuck on u like its a wrap,
Wait! Let me bring that back,
I’m stuck on you like a permanent tatt,

Call me stupid once and an idiot twice,
Took A gamble, B, feeling synonymous to Naeto C,
So I tossed those dice of life,
wishing for us to be..together like 5 & 6 with a whole lot of chemistry,

And hopefully you could knot up with me like a rope,
Twist you and turn you from a friend to a wife and subsequently cook an egg of life with no yoke.

I’m tripping, its probably better we take things slow,
Let the earth revolve around us and let our minds go,

Let cupid miss us with a few couple of arrows,
Stay solo until the Lord tells us “Its your GO!”


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