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Words Of Inspiration (#97)

Sometimes I ask myself, “Why is life so hard to comprehend sometimes?Why do the people we cherish, we love just disappear within the blink of an eye?” Its unusual for me @ this early stage of the year to be talking about death but I guess sometimes your worse moments are those that you can’t avoid talking about?

I lost a friend and a sister last night. It hurt when the news broke 1st but hurt even more when I confirmed it. Life is a process people, we have to understand. At some point we’ll all have to go but we must be thankful for each day our eyelids are opened by God. We sometimes forget to do that, but the question do we purposely forget or are we not spiritually inclined to acknowledge that life was given by God?

We must take note that purposely forgetting is much dangerous than not being spiritually inclined. We must value the essence of the gift called life and value the fact that we were brought here for a purpose. Until that purpose is attained, our work here is not done. However, it goes without saying that God giveth and taketh what He giveth as well. Meaning when its your time to go, nothing can change the inevitable.

There is one thing we as humans must do though. We must pray and ask God to help us fulfil our purpose. We must seek direction and counselling in order to reach that purpose as well. For our time is not now to leave. Not until we have fulfilled it we should pray to God to see us successfully through. On the flip side, though we may lose someone, we have to be strong.

We must pray for the families of the lost souls and wish for them that they stand firm in unity and togetherness. It could happen to anyone @ any time but so God be our witness, it won’t happen to us anytime soon.

I pray that you reading this right now will not have death as your portion. I pray against death to you and your family. Be thankful for Life but live each day as if its your last!


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